5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Writing about the benefits of CBD oil / the benefits of Cannabidiol oil is easy because there are so many. The hard part when writing about the benefits of CBD oil is narrowing it down. So, there will definitely be many more blogs to come as it pertains to the benefits of CBD oil, and some of these benefits will receive more focus in the future. For the purposes of this blog we’re going take a look at five benefits of CBD oil specifically.

Cigarette Addiction

We’re excited to kick off the five benefits of CBD oil list with cigarette addiction. That’s right, CBD oil helps smokers to stop smoking. This is exciting news in light of the fact that cigarette addiction continues to hold millions hostage every year – not to mention cigarettes killing millions every year.

According to the American Cancer Society, over half of all current smokers at least will die as a result of their smoking habit. If that isn’t daunting enough, over 6 million people a year die as the result of tobacco. Many people want to be free of these depressing statistics, but the addiction is too powerful. CBD oil can help with your cigarette addiction as CBD oil UK results below illustrate.

In a study by the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit out of the University of London via Celia J.A. Morgan, Ravi K. Das, Alyssa Joye, H. Valerie Curran, and Sunjeev K. Kamboj – 24 smokers were subjected to an experiment surrounding the effects of CBD on cigarette addiction. Of the 24 smokers in the study’s findings – titled, “Cannabidiol reduces Cigarette Consumption in Tobacco Smokers: Preliminary Findings” – 12 were given a CBD inhaler and 12 were given a placebo treatment. The week-long results of this study reveal no change in the number of cigarettes smoked by the placebo group, but the CBD group experience approximately 40% decrease in cigarette consumption.


Acne is one of the crueler problems to inflict people – especially in our world that emphasizes physical appearance as much as it does. It is what it is. For this reason, we wanted to emphasize the benefits of CBD oil as it pertains to helping this tormenting condition. We’ve all known many with varying degrees of Acne, and it’s heart-breaking to see people go through it. CBD oil treats Acne in a supportive role as will be revealed. Skin care treatment is one of the biggest personal health investments one could make, so it's no surprise that CBD is now emerging as a leader in the skin care industry. 

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study titled “Cannabidiol Exerts Sebostatic and [Anti-inflammatory] Effects on Human Sebocytes.” Fantastic…I mean Sebostatic...I mean Human Sebo-what? Long-story-short, this study found therapeutic properties as far as CBD oil normalizing the lipid-synthesis that occurs in the sebaceous gland, which creates the visible side effects of acne when surpassing normal levels. The complexity of the Acne condition is part of why it has eluded effective treatments to this day. Also, the treatments for Acne up to this point have been highly questionable/uncomfortable in comparison to the relief of the condition. The side effects of the drugs designed to treat Acne are known to be very intense.

The best CBD oil use for Acne could be the topical CBD oil product we offer. Topical CBD oil products are effective toward relieving symptoms and/or assisting in the treatment of acne. Some may prefer to take advantage of the topical treatments in addition to CBD capsules or CBD tinctures – packing a one-two punch on this destructive condition. Personal experience with Acne victims has shown they welcome any solution that helps treat their symptoms in order to recover their confidence and quality of life. The double-pronged approach shouldn’t be a problem for those worrying about drug tests either (see FAQ).


There are very few side effects of CBD oil. However, despite this fortunate fact, there are some side effects of CBD oil – minor as they are. One of the side effects is the potential to cause tiredness. “Did you say tiredness?” says the insomniac with intrigue. That’s right! Ironically, this side effect works in your favor.

The tiredness that can result from CBD use is an effective way to achieve countless benefits of CBD oil while helping to alleviate the intimacy you’re getting with your ceiling in the dark at night - alluding to insomnia. The best use of CBD oil for those struggling with insomnia who wish to benefit from CBD oil’s many other qualities is to use it like a supplement on a recurring basis. Simply hit recurring when ordering your CBD oil with WeThinkHealth.

Also, it’s important to gauge your dosage. Depending on the reaction to CBD oil and the level of one’s insomnia, it’s possible the 50 mg capsules are the way to go. So, if the 25 mg capsules don’t initiate the desired results, it’s quite possible the 50 mg route is the answer rather than assume CBD oil isn’t generating the desired results as it pertains specifically to insomnia. To be sure, the effect is more of an equilibrium / calming of an imbalance rather than causing one to become a derelict nodding off at their desk. Also, it’s important to emphasize using CBD oil on a continual/recurring basis - making it a routine every day / every month.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an enigma to many, but – make no question about it – it’s a very real and very serious condition. The people who experience PTSD are not only largely overlooked as serious cases, but they’re more-often-than-not the people we owe our liberty to – alluding to our police officers, firefighters, and military.

One of the main uses of CBD is CBD oil for anxiety through its anti-inflammatory effects and anti-anxiety effects. CBD for anxiety is among the popular reasons for CBD oil’s growing buzz, and it’s by no mistake. CBD oil for anxiety / CBD oil for pain are possibly the most widespread uses of CBD. However, the emphasis of CBD oil for anxiety as it pertains to assisting in the treatment of PTSD isn’t stressed enough.

To be sure, the antipsychotic benefits of using CBD oil of the industrial hemp variety is one of the main reasons we champion our CBD oil as the best CBD oil for the purposes of therapeutic use. When it comes to the seriousness of helping to treat conditions such as PTSD, it’s important to go with a quality foundation. For this reason, WeThinkHealth can proudly offer with confidence the best CBD oil / top pure CBD oil on the market. We’re proud to return the favor – especially to our men and women who served to protect our freedom to operate a small business.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

As co-founder of our company, and the reality of MS inflicting my wife, this particular section is near and dear to me. I take the MS of my wife very seriously, and we work diligently to align our lives with solutions that make sense toward minimizing the effects MS has on our lives. MS, for those who don’t know, is a debilitating disease where the immune system attacks the central nervous system – specifically the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.

References have been made regularly in the direction of studies at the Cajal Institute surrounding CBD and MS. In a study using mice, after 10 days, mice showed a noticeable increase in motor skills – much superior to the mice not receiving CBD treatment. Additionally, mice using the CBD maintained this progression as the use continued – alluding to further improvement through continual use.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil lend themselves to the possible ability to reduce various symptoms of MS. These findings are exciting – not only because it hits home – but because any progress in a realm that’s largely still considered incurable is exciting to say the least. It’s becoming more and more evident that natural treatments with CBD oil are generating enhanced results – much to the chagrin of the biopharmaceutical industry (a topic for another day).

CBD Education is Crucial

Thank you for educating yourself on the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil education is going to be a pivotal component to the attention this therapeutic method of treatment deserves and needs. There is great misinformation in the realm of CBD as the result of the plant it comes from, and for this reason we’ll continue to advance the movement toward better health. We think health, and we do so because health means freedom. It feels good to be free!

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WeThinkHealth cannot make any concrete medical claims about CBD's medical uses so if you do decide to take CBD, please be sure to inform your doctor or health practitioner, especially if you are taking other medication.