Cannabis Oil Research: CBD Drug Test Update

Cannabis-oil-drug-test-research-resultsWeThinkHealth CBD Drug Test Update

Jimbo here, writing to fill everyone in on the latest news for WeThinkHealth. We’ve been on an interesting journey lately as it pertains to WeThinkHealth’s products and their capacity to be an ongoing day-to-day part of our lives without testing positive on a drug test (for THC).

As many of you are aware – not to mention the fact that several of you attended (we had a packed room) – we held a community meet-up at Littleton Library earlier in the month (June 1st). We were referring to the event as “CBD for the Community” as a result of heavy engagement through an application/website called Nextdoor.

We mentioned the topic of CBD in general through Nextdoor, and the rest is history. We were expecting to engage a handful of local people in our neighborhood through Nextdoor about CBD; the response was overwhelming. So, we held an actual event to properly handle the interest.

It was a breath of fresh air to witness the notifications roll in as people expressed their excitement, curiosity, and support for this incredible resource (CBD). As the engagement accumulated, it was evident we needed to hold an event to properly answer everyone’s questions and introduce ourselves formally. We want to be very responsive, visible, and transparent with you all. We were so happy people showed up like they did, and there will likely be more events as a result of recent requests to do another one – if not continually. More on that sooner than later!

As far as the main point of this newsletter, it’s safe to say the most common question or concern with CBD was in the realm of drug tests. There’s a large sector of people who are beyond needing to be sold on the benefits of CBD, but they want to be absolutely certain they’ll pass their drug tests or will pass a drug test if one happens to be requested in the future. We had many people at the event who were already sold on CBD, but need further assurance about whether CBD products trigger a positive for THC.

We didn’t have any firm answers in the realm of drug tests at our event, but we knew we needed to get clear about the impact of CBD in general, but especially our specific CBD products with respect to actual results. Our first approach was to consider a store-bought test, but it was brought to our attention these tests are not considered valid for formal and official professional results. So, it’s important to stress to people that they can’t head to the grocery store, buy a drug test, and hang their hat on those results. For that reason, we pivoted and found a respected and reputable local facility to conduct our drug tests. We had a loyal WeThinkHealth customer who uses our 25mg capsules in addition to our 250mg tincture on a daily basis undergo this particular drug test. To be sure, this daily CBD probably amounted to about 40mg of CBD per day (25mg + approximately 15mg from the tincture), and it was sustained for two months – if not longer.

The drug testing world is more intricate than we realized. Apparently, there are two levels of testing when going to an official drug testing facility: a “flash test” or “rapid test” (results given that day) and the more in-depth lab test that shows precise levels. We wanted to get comprehensive results out to our readers, so we underwent the flash test on 06/16/2017 (Friday) and received back the lab results around 06/20/2017 (Tuesday).

We’re happy to announce we passed!

Just in case there’s curiosity, it’s important to emphasize we passed both tests.

To be technically correct, our results were “NEGATIVE” for THC, which is the same as saying we passed the test. For the purposes of employment, these results would’ve been good news for a CBD consumer of WeThinkHealth’s products. A test that comes back “POSITIVE” or “NON-NEGATIVE” would’ve been bad news.

It’s important to stress we’re still doing more research in this arena because we want to be out in front of this topic, and we want to provide accurate information. The drug testing topic is a taboo topic in the CBD world, and we don’t want to feed that trend. People need to know about CBD’s effects on their life – not only from a source of benefits standpoint – but as it pertains to their employment and potential drug tests since CBD is derived from Cannabis. This is a hypersensitive and critical topic for many interested in CBD.

To reiterate, all WeThinkHealth products contain CBD with less than 0.3% THC (less than three-tenths of one percent) – the legal standard to what is considered Industrial Hemp, which is able to be sold online statewide.

Unlike many CBD products, our CBD is NOT extracted with solvents like the vast majority of products out there. Our CBD is 100% locally grown in Colorado, and it’s all of the Industrial Hemp variety (less than 0.3% THC). The CBD and other cannabinoids are slowly extracted without the use of solvents or chemicals through a proprietary Full Spectrum extraction process that adheres to pharmaceutical-level protocols at all levels of the seed-to-oil process.

Health means freedom.

It feels good to be free!



WeThinkHealth cannot make any concrete medical claims about CBD's medical uses. If you do decide to take CBD, please be sure to inform your doctor or health practitioner, especially if you are taking other medication. This site makes zero medical claims.