Does CBD Actually Stand for Cats, Birds, and Dogs?


CBD now has a whole new meaning. Pets! Cats, birds, dogs, and any other furry friends you may have at home can benefit greatly from CBD oil. CBD oil is the rage right now; it’s known for relieving anxiety, pain, inflammation, skin, and more as it pertains to humans. Likewise, your pets can reap the benefits, too.

Can we first talk about what CBD oil is? CBD is short for something called cannabidiol. Without getting too complicated, cannabidiol is a compound produced by cannabis, which is a

plant-derived natural resource. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has been linked to many health benefits.

By the way, CBD oil is legal. It’s important to know CBD is legal for human and animal consumption; it’s very common for people to fear the legality component. CBD is known to be a very effective aid, which can be used in conjunction with various forms of therapy and relief; however, it’s important to emphasize CBD is to be thought of as a supplemental health resource – not a pharmacological solution. Most importantly, CBD oil continues to prove itself as the research and popularity increases. In other words, as the education about CBD oil develops, the daily use of CBD inevitably grows.

Do you know how good CBD oil is for your pets? CBD oil has been shown to reduce pain, alleviate arthritis, help with anxiety, decrease stress, assist with aggression, mitigate digestive problems, lessen inflammation, and even provide comfort and improvement in the realm of cancer in animals as well.

CBD Oil For Pets

The benefits of CBD oil as it pertains to animals are closely related to those in humans as well. The reason for this is because animals and humans share a common trait known as the Endocannabinoid System. This system is located in all mammals’ brains, which is made up of receptors that take in and make use of the CBD oil. Since humans and animals both have a similar system, the receptors act the same; therefore, producing nearly the same positive results.

If your pet happens to get nauseous from CBD, it most likely means you need to lower the dosage of CBD oil. Since CBD oil is herbal, give it some time to get into your fur baby’s system.

CBD oil definitely has a brand-new meaning. Cats, birds, and dogs - not to mention many other pets you may have running around – can highly benefit from taking CBD oil. There’s no question CBD oil is something to consider – not only for yourself – but your furry friends in need.

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Guest blog – By: Ashley Yousef

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