The War On The CBD Industry


For the next five minutes, we’re going to cover a topic that’s unpopular with our government and the FDA. Frankly, by us even speaking up puts our business in a position of immense potential risk, but - for the sake of our cause and our movement - we won’t stay quiet. We want to directly address the biggest issue facing the new age of holistic health when it comes to cannabis oil: the obstruction via government agencies and big pharmaceutical companies. We’re currently watching a war before our eyes when it comes to Big Pharma vs. the CBD industry.

It’s another story of David vs. Goliath - your “Hollywood hero vs. the arch villain” storyline. The only difference is this isn’t a movie; it’s not pretend, it’s 100% real and happening right before our eyes. Families all over the world are being trapped by big pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis because of greed and control. We, the general population, are being fed misinformation on a daily basis, which we personally believe is fueled by various government agencies, but especially the FDA, and a select handful of big pharmaceutical companies.

Before we dive in, we will preface with this: our mission is to advance health solutions that work. We aren’t “anti-establishment,” but we are honest with our opinions and true to our purpose. We’ll tell it how it (truly) is. We know there’s a TON of inaccurate information out there, and we feel it’s our duty as a health community and movement to come together and bring these issues to light. We don’t have an agenda - unless truth is an agenda. We’re for the people, and we’re 100% for the truth.

Lies About Cannabis

There are many lies about cannabis floating around the Internet. Many of these lies have played into a plethora of misconceptions about CBD oil. Since there is so much terminology out there, it can be confusing; so much so, we actually wrote a recent blog about the differences between marijuana and hemp.

When people think cannabis, people think “weed.” It’s just the way it is, unfortunately. We’re vigorously educating to change this inaccurate and negative association and/or connotation. Our goal is to get people to look at the benefits of cannabis, and - even further - the major health benefits of cannabinoids through CBD.

One of the most common lies about cannabis is the notion it’s only grown and used as a drug. This couldn’t be more false. Cannabis is a plant that actually has two different species. Cannabis farmers use their plants mostly in part to create hemp, which is then used to create hemp products. Hemp is a huge industry that provides resources for products we use on a daily basis such as paper, pens, sheets, curtains, etc.

The hemp industry changed in 1970 when President Nixon declared the “War on Drugs” and signed the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. This set a new standard of “banned drugs” across the board in which the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was tasked to enforce. With this new drug policy in place, hemp was unlawfully outlawed, and the hemp industry took a major hit. The biggest thing, outside the demise of hemp, was the fact that hemp now has major misconceptions tied to it.

Since 1970, marijuana has been grouped-in with ALL types of cannabis and made illegal to grow in the United States. This legislation classified hemp as a drug even though it holds zero or very trace levels of THC (nowhere near enough to create a “high”), which is the chemical that makes marijuana federally illegal. In short, the hemp industry was a side-effect of a very confusing new legal movement of the 1970s that threw the baby (CBD) out with the bathwater (Marijuana / THC). Unfortunately, this has set the standard, which has fed misconceptions surrounding hemp across the board, which we as a society are struggling to unravel today.

The Threat CBD is to Big Pharma

Let’s call it like it is. There is a TON of money in the cannabis industry, and there is a TON of money in the pharmaceutical industry. The problem is, there is major overlap with both industries, which breeds competition. Let’s also mention this: they both have different philosophies on medicine and health which causes major problems and conflicts of interest. This short video gives a simple rundown of what’s currently going on in the CBD industry as it pertains to Big Pharma.

The pharmaceutical industry is in its first real dog fight in decades - perhaps ever. It’s never really been challenged by an outside source like the cannabis industry. Cannabis - particularly CBD - provides a new alternative health solution that’s not only more cost-effective, but it’s believed to be healthier, and it’s natural - aka: it doesn’t need synthetic processes and expensive personnel with 10+ years of college that needs to be reimbursed. There’s something to be said about having something that’s pure and organic. A man-made drug will never be able to provide the benefit as well as nature for obvious reasons. Who makes honey better than bees?

If you don’t believe CBD is a major threat to Big Pharma, then I encourage you to read the Honeycolony article talking about this exact topic. They do a wonderful job at detailing the specific history of Big Pharma and the patents they have put on CBD.

The most compelling argument, which proves CBD is a major threat to the pharmaceutical industry, is the matter of red yeast rice. Whew...get ready for this! (Once again, thanks to Honeycolony for their amazing research.)

Red Yeast Rice and Cholestin vs The FDA

So, one may suggest this: “Maybe the FDA is going after the cannabis industry because of the grey-area of selling THC derived CBD.” First, THC derived CBD is not what many CBD retailers sell. This is a genuine concern, but it’s simply not the case for many who’re selling CBD.

In 1987, the entire red yeast rice industry was in flux, and many would say it was under attack by the FDA. Red yeast rice is an old school Chinese remedy that improves blood circulation and decreases cholesterol. Ironically enough, once it was discovered that the active ingredient in the rice extract was “monoacolin K” - which is chemically identical to lovastatin, one compound found in Merk’s patented prescription drug Mevacor - the FDA classified red yeast rice extract as a federal drug. Shazam! Everything changed for everyone who had any intimacy with red yeast rice as of that moment.

Let’s break this down a little more and follow the timeline more accurately. All this started in 1987, but the big breakthrough for the FDA was in 1998. In June of 98’, the FDA declared Cholestin and “unapproved” supplement and drug. Cholestin’s most active ingredient is lovastatin, which - like we stated - is equal to the active ingredient Mevacor, which is owned and made by Merk. At this time, Merck had a lot of influence on the FDA. In 1998 alone, Merck recorded $24 billion in sales.

This is an unfortunate and sad truth - alluding to the fact that many game-changing events change the industry, especially for the little guys - and they literally go unnoticed unless you’re an active participant in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical world. The FDA saw “red yeast rice” and, in particular, Cholestin, as a potential threat to one of the major drug manufacturers. Once the threat was established, they attacked the Cholestin dietary supplement companies.

The good news is in February of 1999, the FDA lost it’s battle with the Cholestin/red yeast rice industry. Thanks to the hard work of Pharmanex Inc, a Cholestin dietary supplement company, a Salt Lake City judge ruled that Cholestin is in fact a dietary supplement.

The Bottom Line About the CBD Industry and Big Pharma

Here’s the deal: it was reported last week that Colorado alone sold over one billion dollars worth of cannabis related products in 2016. Let’s pretend for a minute cannabis was completely legal in all 50 states, multiply those profits times 50. You get the picture. The cannabis industry, and the CBD industry in particular, is set to be a multi-billion dollar industry which could compete with the NFL in terms of overall engagement and revenue. Frankly, we know that scares the hell out of Big Pharma. They want that money.

The FDA isn’t just after CBD, they are after the entire cannabis industry. The reason why CBD is a direct target is because of the obvious health benefits - therefore the demand for it, and the subsequent revenue that demand will generate - not to mention the fact CBD can be sold legally when it’s hemp derived. The FDA can’t use the “it’s an illegal marijuana product” card anymore; that trick has been exposed through education - aka: the truth.

Love him or hate him, even President Trump - who’s been very outspoken and unfiltered against popular belief on many topics - quoted this past week that major pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder.” We agree in the sense that we have to change our “drug approval” protocol. Few, other than FDA insiders, will argue against this.

I’ll end with this: as one of the co-founders of this wonderful startup, we’ve been directly impacted by the numerous stories from people struggling with MS, cancer, behavioral disorders, seizures, chronic pain, anxiety, sleeping disorders, etc. These people’s stories have touched us. Their stories have shaken us. The fact is these people know CBD has immensely helped them. At the same time these same people are under the misconception CBD is illegal, believe they can’t get CBD medically prescribed, among many other falsehoods. The level of misinformation surrounding such a benefit resource - let alone the dirty regulatory tricks - makes our stomachs turn.

Our mission is to educate the general public in the most truthful and transparent way about the wonderful benefits of CBD. We aren’t anti-establishment or even anti Big Pharma or FDA for that matter. However, if there’s a problem, we will call it how it is and speak the truth. Currently, we feel the CBD industry is under attack by the FDA and Big Pharma. Their motives are not to look out for the people; it’s more disingenuous than that. They’re out for their self interests and they intend to block access to potential revenue to anyone but themselves - the effects and/or therapeutic preferences of the people be damned.

If you believe in our mission; we encourage you to join our health community which is now over 400 people strong. If you wish to play a role toward galvanizing a movement necessary to protect your freedom to choose your health alternatives, please request to join our closed Facebook group by clicking here.

Health means freedom. It feels good to be free!



WeThinkHealth cannot make any concrete medical claims about CBD's medical uses so if you do decide to take CBD, please be sure to inform your doctor or health practitioner, especially if you are taking other medication.