We’re Not Perfect, but We Are Transparent



Have you been wondering, "What is going on with WeThinkHealth?"

If you haven’t, we have been.

We know for a fact we’re not where we want to be right now. Some of this (and probably a lot of it) is our fault, and some of it is related to the “high risk” industry we’ve chosen to operate within.

The challenges in the cannabis industry come in many different forms. For one, the competition is fierce; however, we’re not worried too much about this challenge. We know we have a superior source of CBD, which means we stand behind and are proud of our products; this we can’t stress enough.

Another challenge is legislative, which we have virtually zero control over, and this is the irony of the overarching cannabis industry. The very legalization of medical and recreational marijuana has resulted in a number of laws passed to hamper the very industry that has been “legalized.” We live in a complicated world, and all business owners will attest to the various hoops we jump through that we probably shouldn’t have to. Of course, the laws are here to protect us, but there are unintended consequences of this “protection.”

What are we getting at?

Since our inception, we’ve ran into the many unintended consequences of legalizing a controversial natural resource known as cannabis. When we say it that way, it sounds funny, but – as they say – “it is what it is.” There have been decades and decades of derelict imagery attached to cannabis that are now creating growing pains (no pun intended) for industrious individuals like ourselves who want to advance a massively powerful therapeutic byproduct of cannabis known as CBD. Of course, we don’t dabble in marijuana or THC, but – according to the government – CBD is under the same umbrella.

We don’t want to get too far in the weeds (again, no pun intended), but it is necessary to explain some of the hoops we have to jump through to get you your CBD. Along with the need to jump through hoops, there’s also the moat with alligators, the landmines, and the 900-pound gorilla gatekeeper who happens to be wearing an FDA/DEA vest.

However, once we’ve made it through all that, all we have to do is order product and allow nature to take its course, which is only partly sarcastic. The truth is, even though the hoops are vast and come in many different shapes and sizes, we are truly blessed to have access to the CBD we have access to, and we’re blessed to be in a time when it is legal. We don’t need to wear trench coats in back alleys to make a “hand-off” at 11:00 PM to the guy after hearing the code word: CODEWORD. We can actually sell CBD on a website legally via credit cards!

Or, can we?

The DEA has classified CBD Oil as a Schedule 1 Drug. What does this mean? It means CBD Oil is now lumped into the same category as heroin and methamphetamines. Seems reasonable, right?

Of course, this is old news to those who follow the industry, since this occurred toward the tail end of 2016. However, this move continues to send out shockwaves that don’t make our lives any easier. The hoops have increased, and they’ve been set on fire. One such hoop is our ability to effectively run our business online. We’ve been unable to list products online for quite some time. Suppose we could list our products online? We have no way to collect payment through credit cards in an integrated fashion through the same website.

For those of you who know our co-founders, two-thirds of our brain-trust comes from the world of e-commerce, digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We have a business called GoEdison for this. Our entire strategy is predicated on our ability to make a website mobilize lead generation and sales like few know how to do. However, this game-plan can’t operate when The Powers That Be tell you “that’s fine, so long as you don’t have products on your website” – while credit card processing companies tell you they can’t do business with you since you’re listed as a “high risk industry” (thanks to that Schedule 1 Drug thing).

So, we’ve been largely derailed from our marketing strategy, our revenue strategy, and our overall business strategy. Without online sales, without the ability to process payments through credit cards through our website, and without the ability to effectively advertise (CBD, by law, can’t be advertised), this gold-rush phenomenon gets stuck in the mine.

However, we have been operating in spite of these frustrating realities, and we will continue to operate!


We won’t give up.

We need to be better, and we will be better. We’ve been researching ways to get our website strategy onto solid ground, and we will be able to process payments eventually. Credit cards may be on hiatus until people realize CBD users aren’t junkies, but – until then – we should have an online solution in the near to medium-term future. One such solution allows customers to make a profile that – once set up – easily processes future orders through transactions that process payments directly through a bank account, thus removing credit card processing. There’s a screening process for this we’re still enduring, but we will overcome, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to persevere through our current process, which involves direct communication with each and every one of you. Anyone who wants 250 mg or 500 mg tinctures, 10 mg or 25 mg capsules (30 per bottle), or our 500 mg CBD coconut cream, can contact us directly through email and/or our website at www.wethinkhealth.com.

We’ll correspond with you, then send an invoice to the same email you contacted us with to get you your product upon payment through Square. The process has an extra step, and isn’t quite as convenient as it will be through our website, but – most importantly – it gets you our “think” CBD products, and gets you results.

THANK YOU for sticking with us!

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